5pm-9pm Registration

9pm-midnight Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet at the Standing Stone Fire-pit

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Absolutely Not yoga

All body types and abilities welcome to experience the benefits of yoga without feeling judged. Guaranteed no pretzel poses! YOU are the expert of your own body and get to follow your own pace. Movements are adapted for all body types and sizes. Non-gendered instructions help trans and non-binary people feel welcome. Practice bringing more mindfulness into your life without needing to reach spiritual enlightenment!

HAI Mini Workshop

Join us for a beautiful 2.5 hour experiential workshop (exercises & group sharing) to explore ways of increasing intimacy and connection in our lives; communication tools to take to our partners, relationships, children, workplace and family lives.

Attending a mini workshop is a great way to get a taste of what the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) has to offer with these key themes:

~ Love, intimate and sexual relationships
~ Partnership, communication and being happy with others
~ Improving body image to improve your relationships
~ Making healthy relationship choices for you
~ Finding love, being honest and creating intimacy
~ Safety: How can we create safety around us so that we can be ourselves, where our vulnerability will be honoured?
~ Choice: How often do we relinquish our choice and do “what is expected of us?” The workshop helps us examine our relationships to choice, how we can increase our awareness of choice, and expand our choices in our day-to-day lives
~ Communication: The exercises look at focus, active listening, responding without fixing and sharing quality time
~ Intimacy: What is love, What is Intimacy? What are we saying when we hug? What is the person saying who is hugging us? How can we make a space of safety for people to express themselves?

Attendance for HAI workshops will be capped at 20 people. Please arrive 5 min early for the workshop and ensure that you are able to stay for the entire time slot.

Magical Mystery Poly Workshop

Take part in a mysterious, hot off the presses workshop, forged in the spirit of the souls gathered at Polywood 2017! What will the secret theme be? What are the strange and delightful activities in which we will take part? What mysterious teachings will we impart to each other? All we can tell you is that it will be something related to consensual non-monogamy, tailored to the interests and needs of those present for this year’s gathering. Expect Lorena and Jacky to scurry around early in the weekend, playfully picking your brains! The resulting workshop will be a collective creation, with a dash of Lorena and Jacky silliness to help you probe your own poly wisdom.

Movie Discussion + Poly in Media

Poly 101

What is polyamory? How does it work? How is it not just cheating? Is it the same thing as swinging or polygamy? What’s a “Triad”? Don’t you ever get jealous? How can you build solid, healthy relationships that work? Join us to explore answers to these questions and more in this introduction for those new to poly and those curious about what polyamory is and isn’t.

Poly ABCs

What are they and how can your relationships benefit from them? Join us for an advanced polyamory panel where we will discuss different types of agreements and contracts as well things to consider when establishing boundaries. Topics will include negotiation, check-ins, defining your terms, examples of contracts, and more.

Sacred Sexuality with multiple partners and the energetic dynamics

In ancient times royalty reserved the right and privilege to engage in sacred sexuality rites with multiple partners, known to some as the Yesasia or Secret Dalliance. It was believed that these rites would develop ones psychic abilities. In this discussion we will be focusing on the energetic dynamics within a multi-partner relationship. Relationships that consist of 2 people have a negative and positive polarity. When you merge into relationships that consist of 3 or more individuals the energy component becomes exponential and creates a unique energy vortex which was believed to transport the partners to the realm of the gods. We will be using a sacred geometry technique to connect to the natural energy current to demonstrate its reality.

When the gender hits the blender!

What happens when gender nonconformity and polyamory meet? What happens when you or a partner come out as another/non-gender? What are the impacts and repercussions of a gender change? How does it impact the relationship dynamics? The Metamors? The Metamites? What is the potential danger/bullshit to be faced? What are the supports? What are some of the awesomes? How does life change?

Chrissy will be hosting a frank discussion about her journey through the gender sea, and all its ups and downs. (Yo ho!)