Polywood Camping

Celebrate your Poly under the stars!

Camp Rules

All laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario
apply to those attending this Gathering.

  1. Please note that EVERYONE attending the Festival will be expected to take ALL their garbage and recyclables home with them. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. If you are unable to do so, your garbage and recyclables will be disposed of by the campground owners for a fee.
  2. No illegal substances or any firearms are allowed on site. Pyrotechnics of any kind are not permitted (except sparklers, when used properly).
  3. Anyone putting the safety or well-being of others at risk, creating a hazard to the site or creating a situation that could have a potentially hazardous outcome will be asked to leave the grounds.
  4. No sexually aggressive or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.
  5. No underage drinking of alcohol is permitted. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.
  6. Parents are responsible for their children (under the age of 18) at all times. Parents who do not, in the opinion of the event organizers, exercise good parental care of their children will be asked to leave. Children under 10 must be supervised at all times.
  7. No child under age 12 may be left unattended near ANY body of water on the site. Children may utilize the beach, but MUST be supervised by an adult. The swimming area is not supervised and swimmers swim at their own risk.
  8. It is not permitted to dig or create any additional fire pits or to scavenge fire wood from campground property. Wood is available for purchase at the registration office for cooking and camping purposes. Due to Ontario regulations, firewood from outside the immediate vicinity is not permitted on-site.
  9. No glass bottles are permitted around the common fire pits, beach, or pool.
  10. Pets are allowed on the site, but each must be registered with the property owners.
  11. Cameras are permitted on site, but you are not permitted to photograph anyone, including people in the background, without their prior consent. This includes group shots. Please be advised that offenders will have the video or photo(s) erased and may be asked to leave the event. This includes camera phones! Please be respectful of all event attendees.
  12. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all cabins, buildings and the children’s area(s). It is permitted to smoke elsewhere on the site provided that you dispose of your cigarette butts in an environmentally friendly way.
  13. There is no bathing, washing of clothes or dishes, etc. in the Lake.
  14. Except at the discretion of the event staff, no electrically amplified musical instruments, radios, etc. may be used on the site.

Camping Checklist


[__]    Air Mattress, Ground Pad, or Cot

[__]    Blankets, Pillows, Sleeping Bags

[__]    Tents, Poles, Stakes, Tarps


[__]    Sunscreen

[__]    Bug Spray / Repellent / Insect Candles

[__]    Towels, Wash Cloths

[__]    Camp Shower

[__]    Wash Tub

[__]    Dish Towels

[__]    Lip Balm

[__]    Toilet Paper or Tissues

[__]    Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Comb / Hairbrush, Deodorant, Tampons/Sanitary Pads

[__]    Shampoo and/or Conditioner

[__]    Prescription and/or Over-The-Counter Medication

[__]    Condoms/Lube


[__]    Biodegradeable Dish Soap

[__]    Dish Cloths, Brillo or Scrub Pad

[__]    Laundry Detergent / Dryer Sheets (there is on-site coin laundry)

[__]    Wash Tub for Washing Dishes

[__]    BBQ Briquettes

[__]    BBQ Utensils

[__]    Propane or other Fuels for Stoves, Lanterns, Heaters, etc

[__]    Large Water Bottles (5 gallons is suggested)

[__]    Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

[__]    Cups, Plates

[__]    Sharp Knives for Food

[__]    Forks, Spoons, Butter Knives

[__]    Groceries

[__]    Ice Chests

[__]    Lighter Fluid

[__]    Matches

[__]    Pots/Pans, Dutch Oven

[__]    Spatula, Serving Spoons

[__]    Camp Stove / BBQ

[__]    Table Cloth

[__]    Tea Kettle

[__]    Water Bottles (drink lots of water, please)


[__]    Cool summer clothing

[__]    Warm Fall clothing

[__]    Bathing Suit

[__]    Rain Gear and Boots

[__]    Large Bag for Dirty Clothes

[__]    Longjohns or Long Underwear

[__]    Sleepwear

[__]    Sturdy Shoes and Hiking Boots

[__]    Hats

[__]    Jackets


[__]    Chairs (fold-up)

[__]    Hand Drums, Digeridoos, Other Acoustic Musical Instruments

[__]    Sunglasses

[__]    Flashlight and/or Lantern

[__]    Trash Bags (you are required to take your trash and recycling home)

[__]    Extra Batteries

[__]    Small Broom and Dust Pan

[__]    First Aid Kit

[__]    Games: Cards / Other Board Games

[__]    Pocket Knife

[__]    Paper, Pencil/Pen

[__]    Ropes, Bungie Cords, and Tarps

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